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We want to give flashlight for every child from Ukraine

According to official data, there are currently 4.5 million children in Ukraine. 

All children are afraid of the dark, so we want to give every child in Ukraine a small flashlight, to light it up when there is no power supply due to rocket attacks, as a symbol of light defeating darkness. 

Dark shelters, no electricity at home, school, kindergarten due to bombing, dark corridors, unlit streets and stairwells... this is the reality of Ukrainian children now.

4.5 million flashlights - this is our goal this year,  we are asking you to participate in fundraising and purchase flashlights for children.

If you help us, the army of volunteers will go with flashlights wherever there are children. Starting from the front line, we will move to the western parts of Ukraine, giving each child a symbolic gift from all of us!

We collect until we reach the goal - 4.5 million flashlights.

We will start handing out flashlights from the front lines and move to the western borders until we reach the goal of 4.5 million flashlights

We divide the delivery into several stages: 

Stage I - from 06.01.2023 cities near the front line

Stage II - from 06.02.2023 next cities (from the front line to the west)

Stage III - other cities

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donate money at the crow-funding platform

make a donation by bank transfer

bid on items in the charity auction

bring the flashlight to the collection point or send it to foundation

Buy a flashlight from our partners

jak pomoc


Christmas gifts collection for children,

who have suffered from the war in Ukraine.

The idea was born in 2014, and it was supposed to be a one-time form of aid for the families of those Ukrainian soldiers who had been killed in the war in the East of Ukraine. No one could foresee that this was just the beginning of the war, and that the number of orphaned children would increase by thousands. 

The war is still ongoing, and along with the number of victims, the number of children who have lost their fathers has been growing.


Individual gifts have been delivered to Ukraine on Christmas Eve, which is celebrated there on January 7. Each gift is individually packed by volunteers, and its content depends on each child’s age, gender, and financial position of the family.

This movement brings together hundreds of volunteers in Ukraine. Named gifts are delivered to the most remote parts of Ukraine thanks to military workers, volunteers, veterans, police officers, priests, Caritas staff, and even courier delivery services.

This is not an action of humanitarian aid. These are symbolic Christmas gifts, the purpose of which is to show the children we remember that their parents gave the most valuable, their lives, in the struggle for our better future.



One of the inherent elements of Christmas Without Dad collection is an online charity auction, for which items are donated by famous artists, writers, athletes and companies. 

All proceeds from the auction will be used to purchase gifts for children.

In previous years, the auction attracted many bidders. Among the auctioned items there were, for example, books autographed by the Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk, boxing gloves from the limited edition of the European boxing champion Sasha Sidorenko, reproductions of paintings by a former political prisoner, journalist Roman Sushchenko, and lot of limited collections of books, clothes, handicrafts, etc. .

The auction starts on December 1 and takes place on our Facebook page.



PLN 856 908.00


the sum of money collected since 2014

24 266 

the number of handed gifts 

Kotwica 1
Home: superelfy

This is how we call our partners and volunteers. As a part of the Christmas Without Dad Action, we play the role of the Elves - Santa's helpers, and we pack thousands of gifts. 


Among us are ​the workings of high reaching, low lifting, slow rolling, and fast moving elves from every mountain top to every salty shore and the hottest driest lands from all reaches of our wonderful community. We work completely free, and our only and most important reward is the warmth we receive from our children's smiles.  


Our Team is comprised of hundreds of good hearts from all around the world. HOHOHO!


Anyone can become a Super Elf