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Christmas gifts collection for children, who have suffered from the war in Ukraine.


The idea was born in 2014 and it was supposed to be a one-time form of aid for the families of those Ukrainian soldiers who were killed in the war in the East of Ukraine. No one could think that this was just the beginning of the war, and the number of orphaned children would increase by thousands. 

The war is still ongoing, and along with the number of victims, the number of children who have lost their fathers is growing.


Individual gifts will be delivered to Ukraine on Christmas Eve, which is celebrated there on January 7. Each gift is individually packed by volunteers and its filling depends on the children’s age, gender, and financial position of the family.

This movement brings together hundreds of volunteers in Ukraine. Named gifts fall into the most remote parts of Ukraine thanks to military workers, volunteers, veterans, police officers, priests, Caritas staff, and even courier delivery services.

This is not an action of humanitarian aid. These are symbolic Christmas gifts, the purpose of which is to show the children we remember that their parents gave the most valuable, their lives, in the struggle for our better future.


585 006, O0 PLN
(150 000,00 $)
the sum of money collected since 2014 (in total)

20 258
the number of handed gifts 


donate money on the crow-funding platform

make a donation by bank transfer

bid items in a charity auction

organize the collection in your town, school, office


This is how we call our partners and volunteers. As part of the Christmas without father action, we play the roles of Elves - Santa's helpers, and we pack thousands of gifts.

Among us are diplomats, the military, priests, businessmen, students, or high-ranking officials, but for children, we are just Elves.

We work completely free, and our only and most important reward is a child's smile. 

Our Team is hundreds of good hearts from around the world.

Anyone can become a Superelf!

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UNITERS foundation  (United Volunteers) - formerly Initiative of the Heroes of Maidan based in Warsaw.

Since 2014, we have been working for the children and families of Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers who died, were injured or are still fighting to defend their homeland.

We work with hundreds of volunteers around the world, as well as with state organizations in Poland and Ukraine. We have completed dozens of projects, two of which have become a tradition and are repeated every year:

1. Christmas without father collection 
2. A two-week holidays for children and widows in the Polish Mountains.

Our database includes children from all regions of Ukraine, from newborns to 18 years of age.

We update the database every year in cooperation with organizations, military and volunteers in Ukraine.

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